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1. Bumpy Sidewalks and Liability

2. Notes From NDNA Board Meetings

3. Domestic Violence pamphlet from DPD

4. NDNA encourages your participation in this sidewalk defect assessment

5. Meet your City Council District 11 & 12 candidates

6. To those unable to logon to Tuesday night's NDNA candidate forum for Dallas City Council District 11 - First, thank you for taking an interest in our local elections. Second, I am sorry that you were not able to logon. As some of you experienced there as an issue with the webinar link - randomly it seems - requesting a passcode. And then, the webinar reached the 100 attendees capacity! That's a problem we never thought we would have. Third and lastly - some good news - on April 14 at noon the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce is holding another District 11 candidate forum ( ) It's free but you do need to register beforehand. Again thank you for your interest in our community,

7. Video - 4/6 District 12 webinar

8. Video - 4/7 District 11 webinar

9. Video - 4/13 District 12 webinar

10. District 12 enews 4.23.21

11. NDNA Membership

12. City and County Election Facts

13. The City of Dallas is hosting a virtual forum on May 5 to solicit input regarding STRs (short term rentals)



  • The North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance (NDNA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization formed in 1981 to support and represent the various homeowner and neighborhood associations (HOAs) in North Dallas. 
  • NDNA is an umbrella organization whose membership is comprised of HOAs in Districts 11 and 12 of the City of Dallas. All HOAs in Districts 11 & 12 are eligible to become members.
  • NDNA is administered by an elected Board of Directors who meet once a month. Please click on Contact Us to communicate with NDNA’s Board.


NDNA strives to strengthen neighborhoods by:

  • Providing a forum and representing HOAs to ensure neighborhood concerns are raised responsibly and clearly to City of Dallas officials and other governmental bodies representing our area.
  • Providing resources for existing HOAs including access to city leaders, timely updates, and encouraging HOAs to communicate and sharing information with each other.
  • Providing assistance for the formation of new neighborhood associations.
  • The NDNA represents the collective North Dallas neighborhood organizations in City Council Districts 11 and 12 and serves as one voice for the many North Dallas neighborhood organizations.

  • Our goal is to ensure residents’ views are raised responsibly and clearly to officials and governmental bodies representing this area.

What NDNA Does

  • Sponsors public meetings:
    • Meetings include programs on code compliance, beautification, low income housing, curbside recycling, multi-family zoning, and topics requested by membership.
    • NDNA meetings are often attended by the District 11 and 12 City Council Representatives and allow residents the opportunity to speak directly with their elected officials.
    • HOAs are kept abreast of meetings and news such as the Cotton Belt/Silver Line Rail project and local zoning issues involving new development.


  • In Addition, NDNA:
    • Sends out email alerts and notices concerning neighborhood and City of Dallas issues.
    • Monitors major developments city-wide as well as in Districts 11 & 12 such as proposed zoning changes and land development projects, safety issues, crime trends, homelessness, trash collection, and road projects.
    • Provides information from the City of Dallas, major upcoming events, safety and crime prevention issues, and provides a means for member HOAs to connect with each other via
    • Provides zoning assistance / expertise when needed by HOAs.
    • Has direct ties with the Dallas Police Department’s North Dallas VIP program, the Board of the Preston Ridge Trail, the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, and Texas Neighborhoods Together (TNT monitors state legislative issues pertaining to neighborhood associations).

Code Compliance

The city of Dallas is divided into seven community code districts with offices located throughout the city. The districts are responsible for the enforcement of over 900 city ordinances intended to keep your neighborhood clean and code-compliant. Community Code addresses concerns both proactively and by citizen requests submitted through 3-1-1.

Other Resources

  • City of Dallas

  • Dallas City Council

  • Dallas Police Department Website

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)